Stamp number 575

Stamp No 575
form Cam 56
fabric CW
excavation Pipeline find 1952
context Burial
present Arch & Eth Cambridge
inventory 53.15B
vr_cat_no AE3
potter No 159
Die No 01B01
def Y
pos C
comment Cam 56 copy; plain tall foot-ring; grooves where cornice moulding should be; fine groove on carination and below. CW/ITN - dark grey fine smooth fabric cf West Stow/Longthorpe; soapy smooth burnished finish. Border. Reading : - V[__]; impression looks as if it was scraped. 1. 1 IC.
name1 V_____
name2 Not recognised
comment A bordered Mark likely to be typical of the East Anglian region but not yet identified.
DIE 01B01
FORMS Cam 56 copy
SOURCE East Anglia
DISTRIBUTION Snailwell Grave

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