Stamp number 925

Stamp No 925
form Platter
fabric CW
excavation Stanway
context CF 403
present Colchester Museum
inventory Burial 11 CF403
vr_cat_no SW1
potter No 136
Die No 01A01
def N
pos C
comment Cam 8 Copy. CW - brown sandy matrix; grey surfaces; traces of burnished finish. Reading:- CATVL / LVSSI. CONTEXT: cremation burial in Stanway cemetery. CONDITION: complete when deposited.
name1 Catullussi
ICPS sample 44
Definitely an immigrant potter who moved from a G-B production area to Colchester, continued to produce his standardised platter forms, Cam 8 and 16, but in the local clays and did not attempt to produce TN
DIES 01A01, 02A01 with 03B01 a possible copy.
DIE-STYLES open A otherwise letters easily recognisable
FABRICS CW, local fine sandy kiln-fired wares
FORMS close copies of Cam 8 & Cam 16
SOURCE ICPS results - Die 02A01 a Colchester product although not yet found on any kiln site, and not recorded outside Colchester.
DATE could be as early as AD45 but more likely to be after AD61, part of the post Boudiccan reconstruction when imports were not so readily available.
DISTRIBUTION only at Colchester
Die 01A01 - Sheepen I (3), Stansway but not Sheepen II, or Lexden cemetery.
Die 02A01 - Sheepen I, Colonia (2), but not Sheppen II, or Lexden cemetery.

Die 03B01
FORMS Cam 16, 58
SOURCE Colchester kilns
DATE ?post AD61
DISTRIBUTION Sheepen I (3) but not Sheepen II

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