Stamp number 373

Stamp No 373
form Cam 8
fabric TR 1C
excavation Sheepen I
context 1930-646-647
present Colchester Museum
inventory 355.31
vr_cat_no 250
potter No 117
Die No 01A01
def Y
pos C
comment Cam 8/7. TR1C. Reading:- DI/\/\IO. CONTEXT: F X PIA 5'- 5' 6"
name1 Dimio
comment DIE 01A01
DIE-STYLES at least 2;1 not yet found in Britain appears related to Benio I 01A01
FORMS Cam 8/7, small platters
SOURCE import
DISTRIBUTION Sheepen I & II; Noyelles-Godault TR2 Cam 8/7; Hunnerberg, TR Cam 8/7

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