Stamp number 371

Stamp No 371
form Platter
fabric TR 1C
excavation Sheepen II
context D21 (2)
present Colchester Museum
inventory TR38
vr_cat_no CN26
potter No 115
Die No 01A01
def Y
pos R
comment Radial; domed base; moulded foot-ring 6mm. TR1C - .fine sandy matrix; darker slip; polished upper, matt lower. Reading:- DATOS - dotted O. 1. 2 IC with stamp between.
name1 Datos
comment DIE 01A01. Note dotted O
FORMS small & large platters
SOURCE import
DISTRIBUTION Sheepen II; Cambridge, Blicquy, TR Cam 5; Bingen TR; Luxembourg museum, TR Cam 5
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