Stamp number 274

Stamp No 274
form Platter
fabric TN
excavation Sheepen I
context 1930H&H
present Colchester Museum
inventory C30BS20
vr_cat_no 206
potter No 102
Die No 01A01
def Y
pos R
comment Radial. TN - pale sandy matrix; black surfaces; polished upper, matt lower. Reading:- ATIASV. 1. 1 IC + 2 BRW overstamped. Probably same platter as V275.

name1 Atiasv
comment There are four versions of the name - ATIASV(S), Dies 01 and 02, and ATIASSV(S), Dies 03 and 04 ATIASSVS; plus at least 3 die styles - A, B and C. The 01A die group is much neater than B and C groups and was definitelt cut by a different hand. Die groups 02B and 03C are similar in letter shapes but the latter are markedly different sizes and are probably the work of diffewrent die-cutters. The range of forms includes the platers Cam 8 indicating the potters began after AD 20 and Cam 14 indicating that production continued after AD 40. Die group 01A is limited to large platters in TN while die groups 02B and 03C occur chiefly on Cam 5 platters in TR. Doe group 04C is recorded on the widest form range in bot TR and TN. Assuming all die groups belong to ne potter or workshop, the overall date range for Atias(s)v(s) _102 is AS 25-50 allowing for the manufacture of the Cam 14 platter after AD 40 and its export to Colchester in the early post-conqiest period.

DIE 01A01.
DIE-STYLES at least 3
FORMS large platters
SOURCE import
DISTRIBUTION Sheepen I; Nanteuil 1970, (NVC1) TN; probably also Nierstein, TN Cam 5.
Die-group 02B01. Fabric: TR1C; Forms Cam 5; Date: AD 25-50??; Distribution: Trier fabric (TR14); Dalhein (DAL21).

Die 03C01. Fabrics TN/TR? second; Forms: Cam 5 variant; Date: AD 25-650??; Source: Trier; Distribution: Trier TR78

Die-group 04CO1. Die styles: at least 3; Fabrics TN & TR; Forms: TR Cam 5 a & B; TN Cam 8 & 14; Date: post AD 40; Distribution: Colchester Barracks.
Die Group 04C: Nijmegen, Cemetery S, TR; Bingen; Roden, TN Cam 7/8; Reidelbacher, TR Cam 5, grave dated by coin to Tiberian period; Niederhosenbach, TR Cam 5; Lebach, TR Cam 8.
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